Halo 3 Legendary Walkthrough Started

Tuesday, 21st July 2020

Halo 3 has finally hit PC! Woohoooooooo! Halo is one of my favourite video game series, so I decided to make a walkthrough for beating Halo 3 on legendary difficulty!

This is a walkthrough where I'll be explaining how and why I'm doing stuff. We'll also be picking up all the collectibles (like skulls). This Halo 3 walkthrough is hopefully ideal for those who want to beat the game on Legendary, find all the Halo 3 collectibles or maybe even just check out the game if you haven't decided whether to buy or or not yet! (hint: yes, you should buy it)

You can watch my Halo 3 Legendary Walkthrough here on my website, or you can mosey on over to YouTube itself to watch it there. Ether way, more episodes are on the way!

Constructive criticism and comments are always welcome and helpful. Feel free to leave a comment below, or on YouTube itself! Likes and Subs are a massive help too!

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