Kane's Tower - Hard/1.09/PC

Friday, 4th October 2019


Note: Written instructions available below!

So... you decided to play Command & Conquer 3 on Hard difficulty. You completed the GDI campaign. You made your way through all the Nod missions and even figured out Operation Stiletto's puzzle. Then you got to Kane's Tower. "No problem", you thought. "I've figured out all the other missions, this one should be no problem. Right? RIGHT?". That's when it happened. No matter what you tried, GDI built up and sent a huge overwhelming force, crushes the Scrin base and destroys the Phase Generators. So you ask Dr Google. The strategies people suggested seemed reasonable enough, but didn't work out in-game. You watched a few videos, but the player was jumping around the map and doing a million things at once. Is it time for you to quit playing video games and get a job? NO!

Okay, silly intro over! In this video I show you a nice, easy to follow and reliable method for completing Kane's Tower on Hard Difficulty, on the 1.09/latest patch for PC. I tested the method a few times before making the video to make sure it wasn't a fluke, and it worked out each time I tried. You do have to be quite quick, but there's a little breathing room, and you're not doing too many things at once.

Hopefully if you're as stuck as I was you will find this video helpful in beating that last mission.

  1. Build a Tech Lab + Emissary
  2. Send the Emissary to the blue Tiberium field to the East, two squares above the middle post
  3. While waiting for the Emissary to get there, return to your base. Deploy the Tech Lab when ready. Start building a Refinery and Obelisk. Upgrade your Power Plants
  4. Go to the Emissary, and as soon as it's reached the spot, unpack it
  5. While you wait for it to unpack, go to your base and deploy the Refinery to the north of your War Factory. Send the Harvester to the tiberium above. Start building another Refinery
  6. Return to the Emissary. Once it unpacks, place your Obelisk next to the corner of the fence to the right
  7. Build a Shredder Turret. Place it so that it covers the bottom path below the fence. Start building a second Obelisk
  8. Place the next Refinery left of the Outpost so to collect the blue tiberium. Start building another Refinery
  9. Keep your defences repaired! When the Obelisk is ready, place it below the first one. Start building another!
  10. Place the final Refinery above the one that came with your base. Send its Harvester to the tiberium above
  11. Go to the Outpost. When the Obelisk is ready, place it at the top-right to destroy units near the Juggernaut hill. Build a Shredder Turret, place it by the Obelisk
  12. Build a final Obelisk and a War Factory. Place the Obelisk next to the previous one. Place the War Factory below the Outpost. Start building 4 Avatars
  13. Start building another War Factory. When your first Avatar is ready, send it north to destroy the Juggernauts
  14. Place the second War Factory below the first one. Start 4 additional Avatars. One you have another Avatar, send it to help with the Juggernauts
  15. Once the Juggernauts are destroyed, bring the Avatars back to the War Factories
  16. Once you have 8 Avatars, sell both War Factories, build a Hand of Nod. Train 3 Black Hands, Saboteurs. Start building at least 10 more Avatars at your original war factory
  17. Go to the outpost. Take the 8 avatars and move them east to the blue tiberium field near the South-East GDI base. Destroy anything that attacks
  18. Take your Black Hand units and move them towards the Juggernaut hill. As soon as you can see the Zone Troopers nearest to the entrance, order the Black Hands to attack them, then leave them to it
  19. Go back to the Avatars by the blue tiberium field. Slowly move in on the GDI base. Destroy any attacking vehicles, the War Factory, Barracks, Crane. Crush the infantry
  20. Go to your Saboteurs, send them to capture the first Juggernaut. We'll return later for the other two
  21. Destroy the rest of the South-East GDI base + Ion Cannon, which will get you the first Bonus Objective
  22. Send the Avatars north just below the North-East GDI Base
  23. Go back to the Saboteurs, capture the remaining two Juggernauts. Destroy the Airfield to the North
  24. Go to your first base. Send the Avatars to Phase Generators to defend them
  25. Go to the eastern Avatars and slowly move up through the GDI Base. Destroy anything that attacks you first, then the production structures, power plants and Construction Yard
  26. Go to the Phase Generators. Destroy any nearby GDI forces and then move the Avatars rightward, out of the scrin base
  27. Go to the North-East GDI base and destroy a few more buildings
  28. Go to the other Avatars, destroy the Sonic Emitters and the remaining GDI War Factory
  29. Congrats! You've gotten both Bonus Objectives and removed all of GDI's production structures. To finish the mission, just destroy the few remaining GDI forces. You could also go and destroy the Scrin base, although it doesn't get you anything so it's just for fun!
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